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Poker Face by bunnychan13
Poker Face
Yay! This is for Jazz-Rhythm! Totally WAY OVERDUE but thanks for being kind to me- sorry I'm such a spazz.

It's her character Michelle Rancourt... Sorry if she looks totally different and I made her too pink... I kept changing my mind about colors and it sorta turned into a hodgepodge pallet. And sorry if she's out of character... I kinda took a shot in the dark. But minus all the mistakes, I hope you like it! 
HGOCT: Genevieve Wilcox by bunnychan13
HGOCT: Genevieve Wilcox

Yaaayyyy angelroxas45 and SkullPurple have been so kind enough to ask me to play with them! 

So here's Genevieve:

She's a veteran stylist, appearing in over five games. At this point in her career though, the rest of the fashion world finds her to be a bit washed up and old school. She hadn't planned to contribute to the 44th Hunger Games, however, due to a last minute pull out, she's decided to fill the position for a reasonable sum.

Her personal look is fairly conservative and she stresses inventive garments over modifications. Genevieve is incredibly strict with her Tributes, expecting nothing but the absolute best from them when they're in her stylist designs. Key word is design- she expects them to wear her outfits and play the part she assigns to them as long as they're in them. After all, they're an extension and representation of herself at that point and time. Aside from that, she doesn't get really attached, although she'd love to design for a Victor, which she has not earned the privilege of doing yet. She'll show her tributes respect but by no means "hangs out" with them. 

Genevieve tends to be quiet but loves to talk trash behind people's backs. She speaks very softly and maintains a very delicate demeanor, presenting an educated, well-mannered, "perfect" lady kind of personality. Although she has a bit of a temper if something gets to her enough and she doesn't handle being teased well at all. 

I hope that's enough! Now time for the fun stuff! :heart: Thanks!
Mimosas by bunnychan13

:heart: I love them so much- not only the characters, but their creators :heart:

These girlies belong to- bottom to top- kaalashnikov (D4 Tribute, Ashley), AprilDawson (D2 Tribute, Jade), and Jazz-Rhythm (D1 Tribute, Kahlidah). They're awesome, the group's awesome, and everyone in it is awesome too! GO CHECK IT OUT! They're just about ready to start so you'll be able to keep up from the start or join in with a Capitol character! I have a weak spot for the bullies and I thought it would be fun to get back into drawing shape with this little can't-sleep-doodle. Much love!

(lyrics and title from Cherub- "Doses and Mimosas")


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